Microwave Systems

Smart solutions for the use of microwave-assisted process control

OOur highly efficient microwave systems for continuous reactions and processes can be used for homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. This includes reaction mixtures liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and liquid-gaseous. Highly viscous, pasty mixtures containing particles can also be processed.

Gaseous reactants such as H2, CO, CO2 or O2 can also be converted, enabling microwave-assisted hydrogenation, carboxylation, carbonylation or oxidation.

Microwave heating in continuous flow offers the advantage of precise temperature control in combination with short residence times in the reaction zone compared to standard technologies. This minimizes or eliminates side reactions and decomposition. This results in high energy efficiency, high yields with high product purity, raw material savings, waste minimization and waste avoidance.

The plants are flexible and mobile on the one hand, but are also suitable for installation and operation in existing production lines.

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