Energy Management & Energy Efficiency

New and innovative processes and plant design

WWith the ever-increasing demand to use energy and raw materials more effectively and the increasing complexity of chemical products and processes, safe, resource-saving and energy-efficient processes are increasingly becoming the focus of technological developments. New and innovative processes and plant design are in demand.

On a laboratory scale, it has been shown that microwave technology significantly improves chemical conversions and processes. Outstanding energy efficiency, short reaction times, stable and precisely controlled reaction conditions, as well as high-quality products with high yields characterize this technology.

Despite these advantages, microwave technology has so far mostly only been used for laboratory-scale reactions and not established on an industrial scale for chemical processes.

IPPM Technologies develops new and innovative processes and plant designs for microwave-assisted chemical reactions and processes with high efficiency from laboratory to commercial scale. The increasing importance of environmental and climate protection is taken into account by resource conservation, energy efficiency and thus a reduced CO2 footprint. A major contribution to this is that, for example, more (renewable) energy is consumed during the time of the energy surplus and the plant quickly switches to a low energy consumption mode when the availability of energy is limited.

IPPM Techologies

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