Extraction of natural products

The IPPM Technologies Concept

Technology for the production of valuable products and active substances from biomass and by-products from agriculture, fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Extraction technology is an important process for obtaining key ingredients in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Choosing the best possible technology and the most efficient process has a significant impact on product quality and selectivity. An important goal in improving the bio-refinery concept and “green” extraction is process intensification through microwave technology. Through this process, antioxidants (e.g. polyphenols, hydroxytyrosol) can be extracted from residues of olive oil extraction or from olive tree leaves using water or ethanol. Solvents such as hydrocarbons or chlorinated extraction agents are avoided. Pectin and essential oils can also be extracted from the peel of citrus fruits. In addition, high-quality vitamins (tocopherols), squalene and sterols are available from Deodorizer Distillates Oil (DDO, from the refining and purification of vegetable oils) by enrichment using microwave technology. IPPM Technologies develops cost-effective technologies and processes to obtain high quality active ingredients from biomass and other plant waste. With the optimized microwave units, further technologies such as ultrasound, hydrodynamic cavitation or grinding processes can be combined if required, thus making the extraction process very effective.

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